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Innovatech Telecom accepts services of customization and development based on their platforms, hardware, digital signal processing and protocols:

Design and implementation of hardware for DSPs and OMAP processors in wireless applications such as SDR (“Software Defined Radio”), GSM/GPRS modens, FPGAS, etc.
Layout and PCB design for RF.
Device drivers for Linux.

Software’s or algorithms for tempo-real processing on DSP´ and OMAP processors, such as vocoders, modens, encryption, echo cancellers, VoIP SIP telephone, etc.
Application of software e hardware based on the GSM and VoIP technologies.
PABX with GSM/3G-WCDMA cell phones as wireless branch.
Innovatech Telecom     Rua Paula Bueno, nº 1.140 - sala 21, Taquaral, CEP 13076-061 , Campinas (SP) – Brazil    Tel: +55 19 2511-4669 / Fax: +55 19 3234-1836